Bucket List

Local travel: 

  1. Visit all 50 US states.
  2. Hike Half Dome.
  3. Hike Mt. Whitney.
  4. Go on a cross country road trip.
  5. See all four seasons of New England.
  6. Visit Ellen in NYC.
  7. Eat BBQ in Texas.
  8. Hang out with hipsters in Seattle & Portland.
  9. Go camping in Big Sur.
  10. Wine tour in Napa, CA.
  11. Boston.
  12. Chicago.
  13. Hike down Grand Canyon and watch the sunset/sunrise.
  14. Horseshoe Bend in Arizona.
  15. Antelope Canyon in Arizona.
  16. Climb at Red Rock.
  17. Salt flats in Utah.
  18. New Orleans.
  19. Go to every national park in the US.

International Travel: 

  1. Visit all 7 continents.
  2. Go on a backpacking trip across Europe.
  3. Visit the motherland (aka. Korea)
  4. Visit the other, greener motherland (aka. Ireland).
  5. Japan in the winter and go snowboarding.
  6. Visit Cambodia again.
  7. Go climbing in New Zealand.
  8. Hang out with a koala and kangaroo in Australia.
  9. Hang out with my fellow giraffes in an African safari.
  10. Canada: Vancouver, Niagara Falls.
  11. Iceland: blue lagoon, northern lights.
  12. Cinque Terre, Italy.
  13. Bali, Indonesia.
  14. Galapagos Islands.
  15. Caribbean islands island-hopping.
  16. New 7 Wonders of the World.
  17. Greece with Ellen.
  18. Turkey.
  19. Camel-riding in Morocco.
  20. Russia.
  21. Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.
  22. Easter Island.
  23. Victoria Falls.
  24. Spain/Portugal.
  25. Seychelles.
  26. Maldives.


  1. Go to grad school and pay for it on my own. Find my life’s career calling.
  2. Learn to speak Japanese, French, Italian, or Chinese.
  3. Live in another state outside of California.
  4. Start a side business, generate passive income.
  5. Send my parents on a nice vacation.
  6. Go surfing and paddle-boarding in Hawaii.
  7. Sky dive with dad.
  8. Learn to cook mom’s Korean food.
  9. Find the best ramen and BBQ in the world.
  10. Build my own website–get more proficient at CSS, HTML, and JS.
  11. Run a 5k, 10k, and half marathon.
  12. Do a fun run like Color Run.
  13. Climb the Weekender at Bishop in one go.
  14. Become a yogi.
  15. Pick up tennis again.
  16. Learn a new recipe a week for healthy eating.
  17. 100 days of no shopping.
  18. Make a YouTube video.
  19. Read at least one new book a month.
  20. Read the Bible from cover to cover.
  21. Turn off social media. Get off FB, IG, Twitter–for as long as possible.
  22. See the first snow of the season and get snowed in.
  23. Catalog my recipes in a food journal.
  24. Volunteer for a project/cause.
  25. Learn to play the guitar or drums… or both!
  26. Take a dancing class and perform it in front of an audience.
  27. Become a master sommelier.
  28. Shoot a food/travel vlog and fashion after Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.
  29. Build something with power tools.
  30. Learn to change a tire.
  31. Learn to sign language.
  32. Learn Gregg shorthand.
  33. Learn how to sew and make my own clothes.
  34. Use chopsticks with my left hand until I become proficient.
  35. Own a home.
  36. Be a bridesmaid/bride/aunt/mom.
  37. Make a cool Halloween costume and wear it.
  38. Plant a tree–and not kill it.
  39. Raise a child or dog or both.
  40. Build an garden and make food from it.
  41. Master the macaron, cheesecake, and salted caramel ice cream.
  42. Take an art class and display my finished masterpiece.
  43. Make the best homemade kimchi.
  44. Learn proper table etiquette.
  45. Run for office.
  46. Go to all the Disneyland parks in the world.
  47. Ride a camel in the desert.
  48. Sleep in an igloo.
  49. Be in the studio audience at an Ellen show taping.
  50. Walk the red carpet.
  51. Go to the Olympics.
  52. Learn to shoot a gun.
  53. Win money at Vegas.
  54. Watch a musical on Broadway.
  55. Go on a helicopter ride.
  56. Swim with dolphins and/or sharks and/or whales.
  57. See Adele live in concert.
  58. Eat at Alinea.
  59. Learn to be ok ending lists on an odd number.



What are your thoughts?

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