Cusco City | Peru

After spending 16 hours traveling down to Lima, Matt losing his phone at the airport, and nearly missing our 6am wake up call for our flight out, we finally made it to Cusco City. It was Sunday when we arrived and the city was bustling with what seemed to be the entire city’s population marching and celebrating out on the streets. Pedro, our guide for the next week,Β explained that it was not uncommon for there to be some sort of celebration every Sunday–especially as they approached June for the annual Festival of the Sun. After taking some photos of the festivities, we grabbed lunch at Marcelo Batata located behind the Cathedral of Santo Domingo where I enjoyed the Aji de Gallina and Matt tried the Alpaca Saltado. To burn off the food coma, we walked around the Plaza de Armas with our newly made friends and found some alleyways selling vibrantly colored blankets and fluffy alpaca dolls. Later in the evening, we had a meeting with our group and guide to discuss what to expect for the next couple days and while on the Inca Trail. And after eating yet another fantastic meal for dinner, we headed to bed–though I had a restless night due to the altitude change.



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