Seattle 2013: Day 3 Part II

Like the good little tourists we are, Matt and I checked out the Space Needle. To be honest, while I know some people think the view is mediocre and that it’s overpriced, it was really a nice experience. Luckily we had really good weather so we could actually even see Mt. Rainier! Afterwards, you can walk downstairs where Chihuly has an exhibit. I had to dedicate one entire post on this exhibit because the artwork is amazing! It’s an exhibit worth checking out, especially for those of us who don’t really understand or appreciate the modern art and the like. When you’re done, just walk down a couple blocks and check out the happy hour at Umi Sake House. IMG_3204 IMG_0561 IMG_2409 IMG_2410 IMG_2414 IMG_2420 IMG_2424 IMG_2438 IMG_2441 IMG_2452 IMG_2479 IMG_2483 IMG_2485


What are your thoughts?

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