Burning off the calories at the Renegade Crafts Fair.

Dreary Sundays = late morning snuggles, a hearty brunch at Kate’s Kitchen, and the RENEGADE CRAFTS FAIR at the Concourse Exhibition Center.

Brunch at Kate’s is always a challenge since I can never decide on what to get. They have a dish called the Irene’s special that I always feel compelled to try because it’s my namesake. I haven’t yet, but luckily I can stop by anytime especially since the wait is not nearly as long as the wait at Mama’s. This time I had the Lauren’s special. Sadly to say, I’d recommend against this choice. It’s basically a hamburger (my bad for not realizing this before ordering it….) so I was quite disappointed when I really just wanted some bacon, eggs, and potatoes. Nevertheless the food is always good and the service is great–the freshly squeezed juices are great too–so you should stop by if you’re ever in town.

After brunch, before the food coma hit, we dropped by the Renegade Crafts Fair where tons of vendors came out and showcased their craftsmanship. While a lot of the jewelry vendors seemed to me indistinguishable from each other (and highly overpriced), there were a ton of other cool things there. We ended up buying a stamped poster of a grid of SF, a cat stamp for BB’s cat-o-fanatical sister, and a wood post card. It’s definitely a worthwhile fair to check out when they’re in town and I highly recommend it even if it’s just to see what the newest hipster fad is that year.


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