A Snorlaxing Weekend.

It was one of those weekends when all you want to do is sleep in, eat, take a nap, eat again, then pass out in a food coma… kinda what I imagine snorlax’s daily schedule to look like.


I kicked off the weekend with AYCE shabu-shabu on Friday night with Matt and some friends at G Cube Cafe in Parkside. I think it’s a fairly new place and it’s in a super residential remote area so it was kinda creepy driving over at night. While I can’t say it was the best shabu-shabu I ever had, for AYCE at $28 per person, a short wait, and good service, it wasn’t too bad. We chose the half and half miso and spicy miso broths, and started with a platter of beef and pork. Personally I liked the spicy miso broth and the beef combo but I think the miso broth and pork weren’t a bad combo either. We did think the spicy miso broth wasn’t spicy enough (trust me, it tasted so mild we couldn’t really taste the difference in heat between the original and spicy) so we asked for some thai chilis and dumped some in the broth. After severely pestering the waitress for an hour and a half for more beef platters, we finished off the night with some green tea and sesame seed ice cream. While we were more than sufficiently full, we still then decided to go for some boba and ended up catching up and laughing at my boyfriend for getting the most disgusting tasting boba flavor ever (DON’T TRY THE BARLEY TEA… IT TASTES LIKE OLD MENS’ FEET!).


Hit up the Holiday Indie Mart with BB at the Speakeasy Brewery  in Potrero Hill. There were lots of cool vendors like this guy selling cool knick knacks for a bargain (“cough cough”) price. Best of all, Chairman Mao was in town!



Lazy sundays are always the best because you never feel guilty about waking up at 11am and going out to get brunch/lunner at 3pm. But that also means no eventful pictures…que lastima! We did however manage to get out of the house to get some Japanese ramen. Initially we planned on trekking down to San Jose for Orenchi, then got stuck in traffic because of the Niners game…. Then decided to settle for Ramen Dojo, only to realize that the wait would cost us another hour. So, then settle for Ramen Parlor. I hadn’t been here before because I’m somewhat of a ramen snob, but since I was hangry by this point and I really didn’t want to/couldn’t go back home like this, it was going to be Ramen Parlor or bust tonight.  The wait wasn’t too bad… maybe about 20-30 minutes and it’s probably the first ramen house I’ve been in that isn’t a 10×10 sqft room. BB and I both got the spicy lobster garlic pork broth (see below). I really wish I could give it a fair review, but honestly, my mouth was so completely on fire that I couldn’t really taste it. Totally a bummer since when I asked the waiter if the broth was spicy, he said it’s not too bad. I mean, maybe I have young sensitive taste buds or something and I’m overreacting, but I just felt like the chili oil was masking the MSG infused broth. That’s probably kinda too harsh, but even now, I get mad thinking about how I was duped! The only saving grace tonight was the beef short ribs that literally melted off the bone. NEVERTHELESS, despite it all though, I think I’d go back just because I really want to find a decent Orenchi substitute in the city and they did have a lot of variety.


Thumbs up for a great snorlaxing weekend! HURRAY. Now, time for sleep.


What are your thoughts?

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