Please fasten your seat belt and enjoy the flight.


I always wondered what the point of seat belts were on a flight. I figure, best case scenario… we’ll crash and die; worst case scenario… I’ll survive the crash but my belt won’t release and I’ll either drown or burn to death. Apparently being jet-lagged and sleep deprived for the past week brings to surface all of my innermost morbid thoughts.

In brighter news, my first New York trip was a Grade A success! Though sleeping on my sister’s freshman dorm floor and getting coin-sized blisters on my feet were NOT enjoyable, they were negligible wrinkles I could easily iron over. I always tried to avoid visiting NYC–probably because I never felt the beckoning most other doe-eyed wannabe fashionistas felt when watching Friends or Sex and the City (or more recently GG) back in junior high school. I always imagined New York to be an older, dirtier combo of LA and SF. It didn’t feel like I was missing out on much and my stomach was definitely not craving anything in NY I couldn’t already satiate at home. So when I decided to visit my sister during her Thanksgiving break, I made it a point to center this trip around the food in NY I can potentially blog about later. I really couldn’t think of any other way to justify being cramped for 5.5 hours in a plane sitting next to a man whose snoring clearly indicated he will have major cardiac problems in the future, if he doesn’t already, and forgoing a ready-made Thanksgiving feast back in LA at my parent’s home (well, other than of course, spending some quality time with my sister, duh).

Needless to say, though my stomach enjoyed the food offered in NYC and the impromptu Thanksgiving feast at a friend’s place in the Upper West Side, the food was secondary to the overall experience of being in the concrete jungle (cue: Alicia Keys and Jay-Z). The culture, atmosphere, and diversity all centralized in a 23 sq. mile grid on the “island of many hills” over-exceeded all my expectations and, dare I say it, captured my heart. (How cliché, I know.)

Specific highlights of the trip include my neighborhood walk around L.E.S., Lombardi’s after a long day of shopping in SoHo, and people-watching at the Union Square Holiday Market.




What are your thoughts?

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